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Why is the education of Quran must for all the Muslims?

Quran is the holy book of Muslims. Muslims from all over the world, day and night this holy book. This book was revealed on to the last prophet of Allah in a period of almost twenty-three years. It is the book full of instructions for today’s Muslims. A complete set of rules have been defined in this holy book. If one does not follow those rules then at the day of judgment, he will be punished. If a Muslim follows the instructions given in this book then on the same day of judgment, he will be rewarded with a gift of Janna. Moreover, this book is not an ordinary book. This is full of miracles and all of the miracles mentioned in this book are wholly true. Not only this but there are certain clues about the universe are given in this book. Based on those clues modern technology is prospering and a lot of researchers have been done on this book. Every research based on the instructions of this book has turned to be true. This book carries an enormous amount of value with itself. Every Muslim parent necessarily provides their children with the education of holy Quran. It is mandatory for every Muslim to learn online Quran with Urdu translation and Tafseer to follow the guidelines of this book in his life. In order to understand the teachings taught in this book and to get its true essence one needs a proper mentor or Quran teacher.

What are the problems faced by Muslims living in Non-Muslim countries?

The Muslims who live in the Muslim countries have no issue of hiring a personal tutor and teach their kids the holy teachings of Quran. On the other hand, the people who live in Non-Muslim countries face huge problems and they find a tutor on online Quran teaching websites. There is no Quran tutor available in their neighbourhood and they have to look for different means and go far to get one. There is also language barrier in the Non-Muslim countries. Most of the teachers do not speak Urdu and the students could not understand them. There are numerous problems related to online Quran teaching skype for the children living in abroad. Those crucial problems include translation of Quran in Urdu, Tafseer and tajweed. Moreover, there are a lot of instructions in the Quran which cannot be understood without the help of Hadiths. So the foreigner Muslims face a lot of trouble in understanding the core concepts of Quran and they need online Quran academy in Pakistan. There are some areas in the Western countries where there is Muslim population. In such areas, if a tutor is available, he will charge enormous amount of fee. Not only this but due to the high demand of Quran tutor in the Non-Muslim countries their timings are not flexible. Moreover, due to the shortage of time to these tutors, the facility of Hifz-e-Quran is also unavailable. Those foreign lived Quran tutors have a less focus on the nourishment of the children and they just focus on the time and not more than that. Hence the requirement of an ideal Quran tutor in Non-Muslim countries is the need of the hour.

What could be the best possible solutions for Quran learning in abroad?

The above mentioned are all those problems which are faced by the people living abroad. They cannot find a reliable Quran tutor for their children and due which they remain upset. But now the problem has been resolved, the problem has been resolved by the provision of online Quran academy in Rawalpindi. An online Quran tutor is the best choice for those living in the Non-Muslim countries. One can get some of the best online tutors to teach the basic concepts of Quran and guide the children properly about the necessary instructions of Quran. There is no language barrier as you can get a Quran tutor with the same native language. They are proficient in Tafseer, so your children will have minor issues in understanding the Tafseer of Quran by online Quran academy Islamabad Pakistan. Moreover when we talk about Quran tajweed then this crucial problem is also solved by the online Quran teacher. The children will not find any difficulty in understanding the vital concepts of Hadiths. These online Quran tutors are more economical and affordable as compared to the teachers present in the foreign countries. By charging a minute amount they teach your children for the whole month through online Quran teaching UK. You can set any time that suits you. They have flexible timings and they can come online whenever you want. There is also the facility of Hifz-e-Quran available online. They can give you as much time as you want and make you memorize the Quran with translation, Tafseer and tajweed. Not only this but they keep on nurturing the personality of the children in an Islamic way.

How has online Quran tutoring benefited the people?

In order to get benefit from these online tutors the people living in the foreign countries have turned their attention to these tutors. Online Quran teachers have been proved very much economical as well as they can communicate properly with the children in their native. So in order to keep the root culture alive in the children, they hire online Quran teachers from their home country. Most of the trends in several countries have been shifted towards online Quran teaching. There has been observed more fluency in Tafseer, tajweed, and translation of the children learning Quran from these online teachers. Tutor at home is the leading online Quran tutor providing company in Pakistan that provides online tutors all around the world. These teachers have got their degrees from the recognized Islamic universities and best for online Quran teaching on Skype. So if you want to get facilitated by the extraordinary services of these tutors then just call at +923004195475 and get an online Quran tutor for yourself.


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